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Health Tips for the Winter Season

For many households, winter is the best time of the year, considering the holiday merriment, bonfires, and hot cocoa gatherings around the tree. In addition to all the other milestones 2020 brought us, winters will not be as fun as usual. 

Along with fewer opportunities for friends and family gatherings, you need to exercise several precautions to preserve your health and family. If you are feeling under the weather, visit AFC Urgent Care Springfield for a proper diagnosis. We offer all patient services, including urgent care and preventative care, to all patients in the Springfield area. 

Here are some helpful tips for you:

Physical Health tips

  1. It is clear from the evidence that Covid transmission is far lesser when people are outdoors. When weather permits, conduct your family and friends’ time outdoor but ensure you allow only a limited number of people. Also, make sure everyone wears a mask, maintains six feet distance, and place sanitizers around. 
  2. Whenever possible, ensure every member of your household, including you, takes a flu shot. It might offer some protection against Covid but surely against flu incidences that are also crowded, already packed-up hospitals. 
  3. Protect against frostbite and hypothermia by wearing several layers of warm but loose-fitting clothes. Also, add a water-resistant coat to your closets for the season. Limit alcohol consumption because it causes heat loss and impairs the brain’s temperature control functions. 
  4. Those who don’t exercise often or are heart patients are at more significant risks of cardiac arrests from strenuous activities during winters. Hence, it is best to avoid sudden exertion in snow and cold. When you’re shoveling snow, warm-up, or do other light exercises first, take breaks while shoveling and do not consume heavy meals or smoke before this activity. 
  5. Wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soaps, avoid contact with sick people, and eat healthier, wholesome meals. 
  6. Increase water intake

Mental Health Tips

Economic hardships, failing health, and deterioration in life quality have hit every nation and country since Covid-19. With all the other winter season challenges, it can be especially more taxing mentally in 2021. 

Here are a few tips for preserving your mental health this season:

  1. Video call your family and friends more often. Connect more than you ever have before.
  2. Indulge in some hobby or develop a new one. Baking, painting, backyard gardening, birdwatching, etc., are some fun hobbies. 
  3. Try yoga. It helps find mental balance.
  4. Give yourself more time and attention. Social distancing allows you to focus upon yourself now. Groom yourself all over, lather your skin and body in luxurious products, give your hair a makeover, change your unhealthy eating patterns to healthier ones, etc. 
  5. Make plans and goals for your future now that you have time to think things through.
  6. Revamp your home with easy and cheap DIY projects. 
  7. Spend more time with loved ones around you.