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Protect Your Child’s Health in School

School is an exciting time for children and parents alike, but it’s also a time that comes with some new risks. Children are naturally more prone to illness due to their developing immune system. When you combine that with the high number of children in one place every day at school, it’s no wonder that illness spreads quickly! Follow these tips to help protect your child’s health during this school year. 
Never underestimate the importance of vaccinations. Treatments are the only way to keep the disease from spreading, especially in young children. It’s a good idea to visit your child’s pediatrician before the school year begins and get a yearly physical preformed. While you’re there, the doctor can make sure your child is up to date on all of their immunizations. Don’t forget to ask for the flu shot! Your child will need a flu shot each year to protect from the latest version of the flu. If the pediatrician isn’t available, they can also get one at a local urgent care center or walk-in clinic. 
Proper Hygiene 
Discuss the importance of proper hygiene with your child. Watch them wash their hands to ensure they’re doing it thoroughly. They should be washing for a total of about 20 seconds and getting the top of their hands, bottom of their hands, and between all of their fingers. They should wash their hands often, especially during the school day. Attach a small bottle of hand sanitizer to their book bag and lunch box too for times when they’re too busy to stop and wash! Proper hygiene also includes covering their mouth any time they need to cough or sneeze. If they need to blow their nose, they should use a clean tissue and wash their hands immediately after. 
Avoid High-Risk Situations 
Things like lice are often spread when children share hair ties, hats, and bows. Teach your child that these behaviors create high-risk situations putting everyone at risk. They should also avoid sharing things like Chapstick, glasses, cups, and utensils. 
The health of your child is dependent on the health of everyone around them. That means that childhood health is a group effort among all the parents and students! If you have any concerns about your child’s health this school year, don’t be afraid to talk to the school administration. Stop by your local urgent care today to begin protecting your child from the flu now!