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Men’s Health

Staying healthy is no easy task in our busy modern world. Knowing a few simple facts and tips about your health is the key to incorporating health consciousness whenever you possibly can. Check out these men’s health facts and suggestions that could help you lead a longer and healthier life! 
Oral Health Hack
If you suffer from bleeding gums when you brush, there’s a simple health hack for you. Begin your hygiene routine with 30 seconds of dry cleaning your gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then, wet the brush and use toothpaste as you usually would. Dry brushing effectively reduces bleeding gums and helps remove built-up tartar. 
A Healthy Alternative to Caffeine
If you have a terrible habit of drinking one too many cups of coffee, we have an unlikely alternative. Grab a club soda with lime next time you need a boost and let the carbonation and citrus scent give you a natural boost.
Maintain a Happy Home
Unhappy marriages are linked to a 35% higher likelihood for illness and a lifespan that’s nearly 4 years shorter! Maintain a happy home by telling your spouse what you love and appreciate the most about them. Instead, it’s an appreciation for doing the dishes or a compliment on their haircut – it’s sure to bring extra happiness to your home. Everybody likes to hear affirmation, especially from the person they love the most! A happy spouse will also create less stress, which can be linked to a variety of severe medical conditions, including heart attack and stroke. 
Medication Tips
Sometimes you will get sick even after your best efforts to avoid it. If you’re feeling under the weather, it’s time to let the medication do its job. Swallow wrong tasting medication quickly, following close behind with an ice cube on your tongue. The cold helps minimize the bad taste. If you’re taking medication to relieve pain from a headache, pair your medicines with a caffeinated beverage. Studies show that using caffeine and a pain reliever at the same time will help to resolve your symptoms more quickly. 
No matter what your age is, your health should always be a priority. Begin making small changes to your daily routine today, and you’ll be shocked at how quickly you notice a difference! Don’t forget to share these tips with the other men in your life to help keep them happy and healthy too.