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Why Kids Need Back to School Physicals

It’s back to school season all across the country, and in some states and cities, kids are already back in the swing of things. For others, Labor Day weekend marks the final days of summer vacation. Ahead of the new school year, several things need to happen to prepare. For starters, school supply shopping is a big undertaking, as is grabbing clothes for the upcoming year. In a lot of cases, schools will recommend one more step in the back to the school planning process: a physical. There are several benefits to scheduling a back to school physical for your child. Here’s why kids really ought to get into their doctor before the bell rings on a new year. 

The Importance of a School Physical

Each year, a child grows and develops quite significantly from the last. There are a number of reasons that a physical at the beginning of each school year is quite crucial for a child. 

Build a Medical Record

A medical record is a vital way to understand someone’s body and physiology. If a child is starting to develop a condition slowly, or maybe gain weight too quickly, a medical record is an excellent way to keep tabs on a child’s progress into early adulthood. A comprehensive medical history is helpful to identify trends that might point towards a development worth watching. By any means, an emergency can be quite contained if a specific part of a child’s medical record points to a cause. All in all, it’s an excellent way to ensure an understanding of your child as they grow. 

Qualify for Sports and other Clubs

Most extracurricular activities, including sports and clubs, require physical and possible immunization. Because any sort of after school club or game is going to involve close contact with others, it’s essential to make sure everyone is up to date on their vaccinations. Likewise, a sport could cause physical harm to someone who has a condition they are not aware of. No matter the reason, it’s essential to get a physical scheduled for any sort of after school involvement.

Schedule a Back to School Physical Today

Physicals are crucial for children as they head into the new school year. Even if it’s not mandatory, there are numerous benefits to scheduling a check-up for your child. For more information about back to school physicals, please contact our Springfield Location at 413.782.4878 or our West Springfield Location at 413.781.0100