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Emphasizing Hygiene to your Child

washing hands
The little reminders you make to your kids can get tiresome. Constantly asking them to pick up their things, be careful when playing, and even instilling proper manners can get tough the older that kids get. 

The Importance of Hygiene for Children

Basic practices of proper hygiene are really important for your child. Here’s why.

Children Get Sick Easier than Adults

Thanks to a developing immune system, kids are much more likely to get sick than adults. This means that a common cold that might last a day or so in adults can linger for a week in children. Likewise, each strain of the cold is foreign to a young child. The things an adult body might be able to fend off might be enough to get your child feeling quite ill. Overall, the reasons for encouraging a child to wash their hands are much deeper than cleanliness. With things like the outdoors or the restroom breeding more bacteria than other areas of the house or neighborhood, proper handwashing can be the difference between a sick child and a kid ready to keep going. 

Habits Form Best When Introduced Young

As a child, anything you get told to do slowly but surely becomes a habit. Things like making the bed, cleaning up after a meal, and organizing clothes and shoes are very important. Just like those things, hygiene is also a habit kid must learn young. The older a child gets before realizing the importance of bathing, washing hands, and properly sneezing and coughing, the harder it will be for them to snap out of the bad habit. For this reason, it’s really crucial to introduce these things early. 

Teaching Them Why Hygiene is Important

As a young child, they might not question why they are told to do certain things. As they grow up, however, they might ask why certain things get done the way they do. For example, a child might not understand as they get older why it’s important to wash your hands before eating. Teaching them the reasoning behind these practices prepares them to recognize situations in which they can be more mindful of their hygiene. It’s a key step in the growing up experience for young kids.

Start Teaching Good Hygiene Now

Hygiene concerns start the day a child is born. As they get older, the responsibility must transfer to the child so that they know the importance of proper hygiene. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact West Springfield at 413.781.0100 and Springfield at 413.782.4878