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Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women

Many women worry about their weight during pregnancy. Rather than focusing on the number on the scale, you should be focusing on your overall fitness. Staying fit during pregnancy can help reduce back pain and even make your labor and delivery process easier! Of course, fitness during pregnancy is a little different than fitness for others. Follow these tips to stay in shape while you await the arrival of your new family member.

Ease Into it

If you weren’t following a fitness routine before pregnancy, you have to ease into it very slowly. Start with low impact exercises like walking or swimming to reduce the risk of injury. Speak with your doctor about your plan to start a healthier lifestyle to make sure they don’t have any concerns regarding the pregnancy. Begin with a short time spent on exercise each day and gradually increase with time. For women who had a fitness routine before pregnancy, you should focus on maintaining the same routine rather than trying to improve your time, weight, or speed of exercise.

Staying Flexible

Focusing on flexibility is a great way to prepare for your due date. Try out some prenatal yoga classes to maintain flexibility in a calm and relaxing environment. You’ll learn to control your breathing during these classes too, which will come in handy on the big day! Try to avoid positions that place you flat on your stomach or back, as well as any positions that may cause your top-heavy body to lose balance.

Staying Heart Healthy

Exercise during pregnancy is a beautiful way to stay heart healthy. Look for activities that will lower blood pressure and improve circulation. This will help to decrease the risk of pre-term birth. Some experts even say that a healthy mom makes for a healthier baby after the delivery! Your baby will benefit from a lower heart rate and improved stress tolerance. You should aim to complete 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. That time can be broken up into as many small segments as you need to get it done without feeling like you’re overdoing it.
Finding the time and energy to stay fit during pregnancy is no easy task, but it is possible! Find another expectant mommy to workout with you to motivate yourself and boost self-confidence. Focusing on your health during pregnancy is something that both your future self and your next baby will thank you for!