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How Can I Avoid Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common injuries among adults in the United States, with about 80% experiencing anything from minor aches to chronic pain at some point during their lifetime. The easiest way to avoid suffering from back pain is to actively work to prevent it. While you may not be able to prevent certain accidents that can lead to pain, there are many actions you can take to protect yourself, including:

Improving Your Posture & Wearing Sensible Shoes

Did you just sit up straight in your chair? Poor posture and slouching can contribute to pain in your lower back due to the added pressure put on the discs and muscles in the region. Good posture should be maintained while sitting and standing. If you find yourself hunched over at work for most of the day, make change to your workstation to encourage proper posture by raising the height of your chair so your thighs lie perpendicular to the ground with your feet flat on the floor. If you find yourself wearing heels most day, make the switch the more sensible footwear. Heels that over one inch high put more pressure on your back that increases with the height of your shoes, causing inflammation to your muscles and joints. Opt for shoes with a flatter sole in order to provide support to your entire foot and reduce the risk of back pain. If your job requires heels, switch into them once you are at your desk or at the office and try to stick to shorter heels to protect your back.

Stop Smoking

Did you know that chemicals found in cigarettes can lead to osteoporosis in your spine? The condition weakens the bones, leading to more severe injuries after a fall that can have debilitating consequences. Giving up cigarettes can lead to some initial discomfort, so try replacing it with a healthier activity at first. When the craving for a cigarette begins to set in, go for a walk, eat some carrot sticks or perform easy exercises like stretching or jumping jacks! Exercising will help you wind down in a healthier manner.

Make Healthier Food & Lifestyle Choices

Weight gain can put more strain on your back muscles, leading to higher levels of pain throughout the day. By drinking enough water (about half a gallon per day), sleeping eight hours each night, exercising and eating healthier food, you can prevent weight gain and even lose some weight in order to reduce pressure on your back and lead an overall healthier life.

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