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Local Public Health Updates to be Aware of

The CDC works hard to keep the public aware of any health updates that could affect them. These include things such as outbreaks and recalls on food to recommendations regarding carbon monoxide poisoning.

The types of alerts the CDC issues include:
• Health Alert – this is the most important type of public health update. This alert requires immediate action from professionals and the public. The information given is time-sensitive.
• Health Advisory – a health advisory may or may not require immediate actions from professionals, but the public does not need to take action. An advisory addresses a specific incident or situation that is not time sensitive.
• Health Update – a health update is simply an update on a situation or incident that has occurred. No action is required in most cases, the information is just meant to keep everyone informed.
• Info Service – an info service is used to share information with the public and health professionals, but no action will need to be taken. An info service does not relate to a specific event or incident.

Recent Updates

The most recent posting by the CDC was a health advisory. This advisory was alerting the public and health officials that the third known case of medication-resistant Bruella has been diagnosed. All three cases have been linked to the consumption of raw milk. Brucella symptoms include headache, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, fever, malaise, and more. Pregnant women who suffer from the condition could suffer a miscarriage. Exposure of Brucella has been seen in 19 different states, but only 3 active cases have been reported. Symptoms can occur as soon as 5 days after exposure or as late as six months after exposure, so the possibility of more cases coming to the surface is high. If you know you have consumed raw milk in the last six months or show symptoms of Brucella, alert your healthcare provider.

A health update was issued in December regarding coagulopathy associated with synthetic marijuana. This update stated that 324 known cases have been reported and patients have ranged in the level of treatment needed. In severe cases, life-threatening illness can occur. The CDC urges the public to stay away from synthetic marijuana use and seek medical attention right away if they begin to notice uncontrolled bleeding after using any form of marijuana, even if they didn’t know it was synthetic when it was used.

Visit the CDC site to keep up to date on essential health alerts in your area.