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Did you get your flu shot?

It is the end of October & the flu is still here! You cannot forget about the flu this time of the year since flu season is almost at its peak. The best way to protect yourself from the flu is to get your flu shot! If you have not gotten yours yet AFC Urgent Care Springfield offers them all flu season! If you are having doubts about the flu shot, we will be discussing the importance of the flu shot in this post!

It’s Safe!

The flu shot is extremely safe & effective. The flu shot must be taken yearly since a different strand of the flu comes every year. This means if you have gotten your flu shot last year you must get it again. The flu shot does come with side effects but this is normal some side effects are:

  • Pain in the arm where the shot was injected
  • slight fever
  • rash
  • fatigue
  • dehydration

Side effects are normal & are nothing to worry about they should reside in about 24 hours!

Why you should want it!

The flu can be a nasty virus that can put you out of work or school for weeks! If you already suffer from some other health complications the flu can lead to serious health complications. The flu is extremely contagious so not having your flu shot would be a poor decision. If you have kids or are around children you getting the flu shot is the responsible thing to do, you do not want to be contagious & get them sick.  You should also make sure your kids get the shot as well. Children during the school year are the most likely to get sick because of how much exposure they get from other kids.

When should you get it?

If you haven’t already gotten the flu shot you should probably get it now! Flu season ranges from September- December, so we are currently in the middle of it. Flu shots are quick & will not take up much of your day especially if you come on down to AFC Urgent Care Springfield. No appointment necessary just walk in today we are open 7 days a week!