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3 tips to ditch sunburn!

When we think of summer we often think about being at the beach, or the pool, or laying in the sun. However, we do not think about sunburn. Sunburn is very common, unfortunately; did you know melanoma skin cancer is the most common form of sunburn? It is important to take sunburn seriously, use these tips to save yourself from sunburn this summer!

1. Be mindful of your skin type

Sunburn affects people differently depending on your skin type. The color of your skin will have an impact on how much the UV rays from the sun affect you. Lighter skin will get burned faster than people with darker skin. However no matter what skin type you have, nobody is immune to the suns rays.

2. Buy Sunblock

Sunblock is the most effective way to stop sunburn when you are outside. SPF on sunblock bottles will tell you when to reapply depending on the strength of the sunblock itself. However, if you are sweating or in and out of the water your sunblock will not last as long as intended. A general rule is to re-apply sunblock every 15-20mins.

3. Be mindful of the UV index

The suns rays give us sunburn because of its radiation. The sun has 3 types of UV rays, UVA, UVB, & UVC. Only 2 make it to the earth surface (UVA & UVB). Weather channel websites & apps give a ranking of the suns UV index. It is a scale of 1-10 when the UV index is around 6-7 this means you will burn if unprotected from the sun.

We hope these tips will help you beat out sunburn! If you have sunburn AFC Urgent Care can treat you & get you back on out there to enjoy your summer in no time!