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Injuries We Treat: Sprained Ankles

walking-454543_1920Picture this: you’re walking down the street, listening to your favorite song when… boom! Your ankle rolls on the curb and you’re left with a throbbing pain in your lower leg. Spraining an ankle is an extremely common injury and can happen to anyone, especially those who live an active lifestyle.

Sprained ankles occur when a person lands on their ankle awkwardly, and typically occur as a result of the ankle being “twisted” or “rolled.” Sprained ankles are one of, if not the most common sports injury. Most sprained ankles are non-serious and will heal fairly quickly with proper treatment, however, sprains are almost always very painful.

Inside the ankle, there are muscles and ligaments that help hold your foot and lower leg bones in place. Healthy ligaments restrict the movement of the joints to keep everything in place. When a sprained ankle occurs, these ligaments are stretched or even slightly torn in some cases. The excruciating pain that follows a rolled ankle is a result of when the ligaments are stretched far beyond their limits.

Sprains can be prevented by taping your ankles, wearing shoes with ankle support, and stretching before physical activity, however there is no definitive way to stop your ankles from twisting. Professional athletes have access to the best equipment and sports medical staff, but sprained ankles still occur frequently in professional sports. Ultimately, sprained ankles can, and probably will happen to everyone at some point in their lives, which is why it crucial to have a go-to source for treatment if the injury does not heal on its own.

At AFC Urgent Care Springfield and West Springfield, you are able to walk-in and receive treatment for your sprained ankle, or any other non-life threatening injury you may have.  Our centers are equipped with an on-site X-Ray to help better determine the severity of your sprained ankle. If necessary, our staff of certified medical providers can stabilize the ankle with a splint to assist the healing process. In severe cases, medication may be provided to ease the pain.

If you have any questions regarding our treatment of sprained ankles or any additional injuries or illnesses, visit our center any day of the week, no appointment necessary! Please call our Springfield location at 413-782-4878 or West Springfield location at 413-781-0100.